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Ok. Okokok. I've put this off long enough, and lord knows I'm too lazy to search through other people's tags for their goodies, so here we go.

(Though this took way longer than I thought it would, I gave myself a computer virus in the process, and it still doesn't look exactly how I'd like it to, WHATEVER. 3)


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K/S Valentine

The world is against me! haha well, hopefully this is not true.  Basically, sorry this is a lil late.... Due to ridiculous and unfortunate situations, I am working with no computer art programs but MS paint.....tragic!  This is for collaboration with the lovelytkeylasunset who was kind enough to write a super cute story for the prompt I suggested on ksvalentine.

Title: Captain's Log: WTF?!
Artist: Xpyne
Series: STXI
Rating: PG
Warnings: SfW, somewhat large picture
Note: Go read Captain’s Personal Log: Stardate 14 February by tkeylasunset so this image makes sense! haha.  This is the scene where Kirk receives violent pre-reform Vulcan poetry from Spock and is...scared confused.  Also, Captain's quarters based on original concept art by Matt Jefferies (guy who designed TOS)

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Hi!  Ok, so my 3 month old, expensive and fancy computer decided to die on me. *facepalm*  It's still under warranty, so the company (Gateway, they suck balls) has no interest in fixing my computer (it's apparently a hardware malfunction?) and just wants to replace it for me.  Nevermind that I spent the past 3 months customizing it, having a techhead delete bloatware and set up all my emails and bookmarks, installing over a thousand of dollars worth of software, and organizing what was supposed to be my artist work platform for the foreseeable future.  Yes, I cried. 

The good news!  Um, I get a brand new computer that may do the same thing in three months? :'{ The (extra) bad news: despite paying a lot for the original computer and $140 for the extended warranty (how can I lose? lolol) through Fry's Electronics, those bastards want to charge me $70 to retrieve my files for me.  You know, to hook up a cord, press a button, and wait 5 minutes.  This is worth $70, and is not included in the multiple warranties I have.  I can't afford it, especially considering the only not backed up/irreplaceable files are some Star Trek artistic WIPs and THIS, my [info]ksvalentine  contribution.<--go look.  Hours and hours I spent on my picture, and since I used a combination of real media and digital media, the only copy that now exists of it is the small one on my photobucket used to post it online.  The original file with all the many layers and massive resolution (this thing was something like ~15"x8" @300dpi) is lost to the ages unless I cough up $70 within a week.  So!  Here's where you lovelies come in:

***The better news!  A friend of mine was able to get my files for me, for free!***

Anyone who wants a high resolution copy of the picture Bibliophile emailed to them & my undying love, message me your email!  No donations necessary after all. :D :D :D

I already love you for taking the time to read this!  Thank you so much to any and all well-wishers and supporters.  Now go have a good day~♥
My art submission for ksvalentine , a collaboration with the fabulous awarrington . ;}
Artist: Xpyne
Series: STXI, Academy
Rating: R
Warnings: NSfW, very large picture
Note: This piece is an illustration from Amanda Warrington's story, Extra-Curricular Activities, which is super amazing, go read it!! :D  Also, apologies for it being super late. Life ambushed me... um, better late than never? X'D

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...So I went from having no job, to having two jobs.  I just worked a seven-day week, WHUT. _  Which, I mean, is good (especially since my roommate recently got laid from her job off due to "budget constraints"); never let it be said that I'm complaining about (finally) having gainful employment, but it's only been a week and I'm already feeling like "WHAT IS SLEEP." 

Good: I will have two days off this coming week.  (Though, that's only if I don't get called in for the on-call job, which I don't <i>have</i> to say yes to if they do call, but I'm not about to say no to the museum since, yeah, that job is actually relevant to my future 'intended career path.')

Not so good: One day I have to take the train all the way downtown to go in for only one hour, WHY.  The other three days, I'll be in from pretty much 8 to 8, ugh.

But anyway, yaaaay, I am emplooooyed! :DDD  And there will be some cute holiday 'Soli & Xpyne' pics as soon as I have a spare hour or two to install my camera software, import, then send them to Xpyne for 'shooping (so in other words, you guys should see them just about in time for NEXT Christmas, lol).  Also, I have been considering attending a local meet-up of AVEN members, wooow, look at me wanting to meet new people. :p

Also-also, if you have not seen I Love You Phillip Morris, I would highly recommend doing so.  I'm not normally a big Jim Carrey fan, but he was great in the role of a gay con man, and Ewan McGregor was adorable as the love of his life!


(I know this is not exactly noteworthy for those of you who haven't lived somewhere like California all your lives, but.)



KS Advent pic! I finished it! \(^o^)'/

My art submission for ksadvent , a collaboration with the lovely littlebirdtold . X}

Artist: Xpyne
Series: STXI, AU
Rating: R
Warnings: NSfW, very large picture
Note: This piece is an illustration from littlebirdtold 's story, Once Upon A Time (A Fairy-Tale Love Story). It's super awesome, go read it!! :D

Preview: Photobucket

Link to Art: Click me!Collapse )

Medium: Multimedia; copic markers, watercolors, pencil & pen, and digital, whew!  A lot of hours in a short duration of time went into this piece!  Very fun to do.  I feel invigorated, and want to draw more--!! After I recover from the terrible loss of sleep, that is. @__@;;


Holmes fiction!

Argh, I'm currently sick as a dog (in summer? how do these things happen? D:), but holmes_big_bang  has started posting today.  If you like good, long, plotty, probably cross-overy Holmes fic, you should definitely go check it out!

A Ke$ha song, finally made bearable?!

Okay, normally I hate this song with a passion (heck, I'd never even heard it all the way through before, because I always change the radio station when it comes on), but THIS.  Awesomeness like this will at least give me something better to think about in the future, should I ever be unavoidably subjected to this song.

It's scary how well this song fits Kirk's crew... XD


Oh those crazy kids...

Some of the recent ridiculousness I've had to put up with from my second and third-grade students lately:

¤ had to explain to one boy just exactly why he couldn't go around accusing other boys in his class of being "lesbian"

¤ made a kid cry by accidentally laughing at him while telling him he most definitely could NOT do his book report on a Bakugan book

¤ confiscated some paper hat origami which had been drawn all over to designate its status as In 'N Out employee hats

¤ spent nearly an hour and a half trying to get one boy to answer his homework prompt about "a time you were scared to do the right thing," until I finally gave up and just spoon-fed him a story about finding a five dollar bill on the ground and turning it in; had to have him re-do the second half of his story when one of his classmates spontaneously transformed into a monster that supposedly chased him across the playground

¤ had to deal with boys insisting their name for the day was Michael Jackson / Tortilla / Gun Boy / Sasuke Uchiha /etc.

¤ had a boy cry huge crocodile tears and refuse to do any work for the first 45 minutes of class because he lost the Slinky he wasn't supposed to have brought to class in the first place